Elevators/Accessibility/Senior Care

Much of our nation’s population is turning grey and silver.  Seniors and handicapped people have special needs.  Adding ramps and elevators to existing structures, widening hallways, installing special lighting, adding doors that open with the push of a button, changing deep carpets to flat ones (or even wooden floors), replacing appliances and kitchen cabinets (to allow for lower access), etc. are just a few of the many ways that Vanderwerff Construction can make their lives easier, better, healthier, and possibly even longer. See below for more information.

Remodeling is also substantially less expensive than building anew.  Some examples of churches that Vanderwerff Construction has made more accessible include: the First Baptist Church in North Chicago, Immanuel Lutheran Church in Evanston, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church in North Chicago, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and Shiloh Baptist Church, both in Waukegan.  These remodeled structures show how elevators have helped Ministers and Pastors better serve the disabled and elderly in their congregations, and allowed these life-long members to continue their spiritual and religious lives with fewer struggles.  

The same thoughtful processes can be applied to any public building or private residence.  Several of the businesses and public buildings we have remodeled that include elevators and/or handicapped ramps are the Bond Office Building in Waukegan, the Village of Libertyville’s Civic Center, Marquardt Buick of Barrington, and the NorStates Bank west side facility in Waukegan.

Please do not hesitate to call the president of our company, Dale Vanderwerff, to discuss how simple design and construction fixes can drastically improve lives.  Dale’s phone number is 847-362-2448.