Auto Dealers

Few businesses are as tied to architects and construction contractors as are auto dealerships.  Sales people, repairs, service, cashiers, financing, executive offices, and, of course, exterior storage and parking, washrooms and waiting rooms must combine with a brand building, exciting look.  It determines everything from the type and volume of customers you attract to the prices you can charge.  High-speed computer systems need to be always up and running, signage needs to attract customers and meet (or exceed) corporate standards.  Traffic flow in all areas needs to be exacting and customer friendly.   Use of proper materials and installation methods for large windows, flooring, ceiling, wall materials, insulation and open areas may lead to huge energy savings; lighting type and placement is essential; ease of cleanliness is paramount.  Experience is vital and Vanderwerff has it.  Please check out our work for Mardquart of Barrington and Liberty Auto City in Libertyville, below.  For detailed information on your auto dealership project, please call Dale Vanderwerff at 847-362-2448.