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Standing the Test of Time


Since 1918, everything has changed. And nothing has changed.

Exactly how does a fourth generation, family owned contractor stay personal, caring and excellent over time?  Vanderwerff Construction began in 1918, the year World War I ended.  It survived and thrived during the Great Depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, Gulf Wars and seven recessions.  When the Vanderwerff family began designing and building, women did not have the vote and civil rights was not yet a movement. In 1918, mail was often delivered by horse-pulled carriages; today, e-mail flies through cyberspace instantly. Architecture and building materials have changed to meet the fast-moving needs of a fluid population and a competitive, shrinking world.

Through all this, our company has stayed close to home, cherished our values and our neighbors, and kept listening to our clients.  Today, we design, build and remodel industrial structures, historical buildings, churches, banks, auto dealerships and office buildings. We build out retail, dental and medical facilities.  

Education has improved us.  Technology has advanced us. Family pride has motivated us. Reputation has enhanced us.  Character has sustained us.  Repeat business has enlarged us.   

In the Vanderwerff family, personal service, old-fashioned quality and fair, honest prices are in our DNA.  If you have general contracting, construction management, or architectural development needs, please call us.  We will provide professional quality work, a fair price, friendliness, openness and integrity.  Always.